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February 2016

Koh Lanta part 2 – NOT scuba

Our last day in Koh Lanta was one without any plans.  That changed quickly though.  We had booked a stay and scuba package through the scuba shop originally and somewhere along the way, our reservation got screwed up and they… Continue Reading →

Koh Lanta part 1 – Scuba

Stop #3 Koh Lanta, an island in the south of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. This was the scuba part of our trip.  Scuba was never something that interested me.  Jerry had mentioned several times that he would like to… Continue Reading →

Chiang Mai

Thailand’s “second city”, Chiang Mai, lies 425 miles north of Bangkok, surrounded by the Thai Highlands mountain range.    Although it’s much smaller than Bangkok, it is still quite a busy place that’s up before dawn and still going into… Continue Reading →


We are at DMK – Bangkok’s smaller airport waiting to board or next flight to Chiang Mai.  It’s about a two hour flight.  We made it here in record time as I think the cab driver drove 100 mph to… Continue Reading →

Update – I found out when we eat!

My enquiring mind wanted to know just when exactly do they feed you on a long haul flight when there is a significant time difference.  We just finished our first long haul first class flight on Japan airlines and now… Continue Reading →

Packing a 30L backpack for 3 weeks

Even I was wondering how I could possibly pack one backpack for a 3 week trip. Obviously the idea is to take as little as possible. I also have a small daypack that I’m taking to use for day outings, but… Continue Reading →

Thailand trip stats

Our first long haul trip is coming up fast!  Reviewing the stats: We’ll traverse through 8 airports Chicago’s O’Hare ORD Tokyo’s Narita NRT Bangkok’s BKK Bangkok’s DMK Chiang Mai’s CNX Krabi’s KBV Siem Reap’s REP Hong Kong’s HKG I’m looking… Continue Reading →

How do you get all those miles and points?

Travel hacking :  The art of collecting miles and points through various methods in order to travel for free or very cheaply. Currently I have over 1,500,000 miles and points.  “How do you do that” is something I get asked… Continue Reading →

January app-o-rama, a triple success!

I’ve been holding off on applying for new credit cards for the last 6 months because I knew we were going to be looking for a new truck.  Last year we bought a truck and a camper (now I need a… Continue Reading →

17 countries. 6 weeks. One pair of underwear. (Ok, maybe two.)

For our trip to Thailand we are only taking a 30L backpack and a daypack.  This is a 3 week trip.  We’ve really had to scrutinize what we are going to pack.  What is absolutely necessary?  What can we buy… Continue Reading →

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