We decided to head down to El Dorado in southern Arkansas to visit Jerry’s brother John and his wife Corina and hopefully to find some warmth!  

It was only in the 30-40’s there too until our last day, Sunday, when it reached 64 degrees!  Woo hoo!  

We stayed at a campground that was only a few minutes from their house.  It wasn’t listed anywhere – not even on Google maps.  It wasn’t the greatest, but it did the trick.  We had a site that was literally about 10 feet from the bathrooms.  They had cable though so we got to watch tv after we ran to Wal Mart to buy a coax cable. 

Friday night we went for barbeque at a little dive in town and then downtown to see Christmas lights.  then it was back to their place where we hung out chatting and catching up.

Saturday John went hunting in the morning and got a deer so Jerry went to help him”process” it while I did some cleaning at the camper.  We then went out to lunch with Corina’s sister and neice to a pizza parade at Larry’s Pizza.  I’ve never been to a pizza parade before but it was good fun.  They just keep making pizzas and cutting them in small pieces.  They come by your table and serve whoever wants to try each one.  They had the usual pizzas plus different varieties like a lasagna pizza, a honey mustard chicken pizza, a pumpkin pie pizza, a chicken bacon ranch pizza etc. 

After lunch we made a stop at Wal Mart for some groceries then back to the camper where we gave Corina a baggie of snow that we brought her from Michigan! They left after a bit so John could hunt some more (he got another deer!).

Sunday was football day!  I made hummus and taco dip for the Broncos game.  Corina made pigs in blankets and BBQ little smokies.  I brought a bottle of wine that gave us some difficulties but with a little muscle and two Hammonds working together, we got ‘er done!

Unfortunately it wasn’t a great game and the Broncos lost, but the food was good and our tummies were full.  We spent the late afternoon on their covered porch enjoying the 60+ degree weather!  Corina has quite the bobble head collection on her deck!

In the evening Jerry and I made a trip back to the downtown area so I could take some pictures of the Christmas decor.  

They had a great idea and turned old telephone booths on the corners into book exchanges!  

We called it a night early as we want to get up and get going early the following morning for our journey to New Orleans.