Our day started with lunch at O’Hare airport in the United Club lounge.  As I was eating lasagna and watching the planes come and go, I noticed a lot of activity off in the distance.  Then I realized I was looking at the burned out American Airlines plane that caught fire at O’Hare yesterday!  

Not really what you want to see when you’re getting ready to board a plane, but I did think it was cool that I got a picture!  

After a quick trip to the lounge (thanks to our free day pass from the United Mileage Explorer Plus credit card) we headed to our plane.  This was our first Jet Blue flight.  We were impressed that they board the plane from back to front, something we’ve always thought airlines should do but don’t.  However….. we were in row 3, and by the time we boarded (almost last) there was no overhead bin space left except further back in the plane.  This just meant we couldn’t get off first because we had to go get out luggage from further back.  If we had checked bags it wouldn’t have mattered.  Lesson learned.  

We had an enjoyable flight with free tv on our IFE’s, free wifi while flying (yes, actual wifi!), and a different choice of snacks.  I chose  kettle corn popcorn chips which were very tasty! 

After deplaning in Boston, we headed to the Silver line, a free bus that takes you downtown to the South station.  While it was a crowded bus, it was quick and free!  And I’m all about the free stuff!  From there we had a 10 minute enjoyable walk to our hotel, the Hyatt Regency.  

Our room is on the 17th floor with a decent city view.  Paid for with points = free.  15k per night and they’re currently running a promotion where we’ll get 10%of our points back.  So it really was only 13,500 points per night.

We arrived around 6pm and being just two blocks from Chinatown, we headed that direction for dinner.  When you find a crowd outside a restaurant waiting to get in, you figure it’s got to be good.  So we waited. 

And then we ate…

So much food!  The fried rice was excellent! 

Now we needed to walk off dinner so we headed to the Boston Commons, a large park filled with statues, ponds, walking trails etc in the heart of the city.  

On the other side of the Commons, off Beacon Street, we found the Cheers bar, which was the premise for the tv series back in the 80’s.  Too full to eat or drink more, we just took some obligatory photos and continued our walk.  

The Freedom Trail is right in this area.  It is a 2.5 mile walking trail that passes significant sites that relate to the history of the United States. We walked a small portion of the trail past Sam Adams grave, the site of the first school in the USA, and the old city hall.  It was going on 10pm and a little dark to take photos so we headed back to the hotel.  The weather was gorgeous on this late October day! We saw lots of ghosts and goblins heading to Halloween parties at the bars and we got to see quite a few of Boston’s wildlife in the park – aka rats!  Big rats!  They apparently don’t have squirrels here – just rats!  It was actually fun watching them run around in the park.  As long as they can’t climb up to the 17 the floor, it’s all good!