I’m in love with travelling.  I think about it all the time.  I read tons of blogs and I’m always working on “the next trip”.   Yes, I  also have a life too…and jobs (plural).  I’m not a full time travel blogger, although I’d love to be!  I’m a registered nurse by profession and currently work 1-2 night shifts a week,  and my husband and I own and run a campground 6 months a year.  So there’s no travel for us from mid April through Mid October, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan!  And working in the travel industry we get to meet a lot of people and get lots of ideas on where to go next!  I have 4 grown boys who live across the globe (one in Japan and three in three different states in the US), I have 2 cats that do require I feed them every day and give them lots of attention, and I love photography (not a pro by any means) as much as I love travel.  In fact, I don’t think you can have one without the other! Basically I’m a regular person, like the rest of you.  I got involved in travel hacking in 2013 and have been studying it and working it the best I can.  I’m not rich, nor a millionaire by any means.  But I’ve learned that you CAN travel the world on a budget, if you know how.  I put this site together because I wanted to share not only the knowledge that I’ve learned over the last few years (the tips) but also the trip reports and itineraries and costs (the trips), and show off some photos (the pics) of the amazing places you can go.  I hope it is a place you can come to dream, to help with planning, and to learn.

UPDATE: In March 2017 we started on a new adventure after selling our campground and home, quitting my job and moving into a 35 ft. fifth wheel. We are now travelling the US in our camper, picking up jobs along the way and trying to figure out the next step in life. Every day truly is a gift…and sometimes a challenge!

Welcome to tipstripsandpics!