Free Money!  Who wouldn’t like to have access to that!  Surprisingly, many banks give out free bonus money if you open a checking or savings account with them and meet their terms.  These terms could be: living in certain states, depositing a certain amount of money, maintaining a certain balance, signing up for direct deposits etc.  Some accounts will incur fees if you don’t meet those conditions.  

However, if you follow the rules you can receive free money.  Yes, really.  Free money.  And I’m talking hundreds of dollars.  I did this with an ING account in the past and recently I saw an opportunity to do so again with Huntington Bank.  The deal was to receive $300 for opening a checking account and depositing a certain amount.  

I took a screen shot of my landing page.  I recommend doing this.  You’ll understand why in a minute. 

Huntington Bank bonus screenshot

Huntington Bank bonus screenshot

I met all the conditions.  No money arrived.  I questioned the bank and they mentioned that I should’ve​ had to input a promo code during my online application.  Ahhhh….a promo code.  This was my mistake. I had linked to the page from a 3rd party page and the promo code field was absent.  I did not take a screen shot of my application page which had the promo code field in it.  

The bank filed a complaint for me which was reviewed and with one phone call was settled.  They went ahead and gave me the bonus.  I was $300 richer!  I was lucky as they really didn’t have to do this as I had failed to read the fine print and fill in a promotion code.  

Lesson learned.  Make sure you read all the terms and conditions AND the fine print before you open new accounts whether they be credit cards or bank accounts.  It will save you time and headaches and possible have you rolling in free dough!  

For a list of current bank bonus opportunities, I recommend checking this page at Doctor of Credit’s website.  He keeps an updated posting on this subject.