(Day 2 was spent in Salem, Mass so I’ll do a separate post on that.) 

We spent Halloween day in Boston starting with an early morning tour of the Sam Adams Brewery which included beer tasting. I am not a beer drinker and it was a little early for beer drinking (10 am), but Jerry’s favorite beer is Sam Adams so I obliged.  I did try the five samples, to be fair, but I’m still not a beer drinker.  His favorite is still the Oktoberfest.  The tour guide was good but I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see how the beer is actually made.  We basically just stood in the brewery while he talked, then we went into a bar and drank beer.  The fee was only $2 per person so I can’t complain.  We got a free small glass goblet to take as a souvenir. 

After the tour we decided to get some lunch.  We wanted to try Wahlberger’s as we have watched the show on TV and I do like Mark and Donnie Wahlberg.  We didn’t go to the original location because it was too far.  Instead, we took the “T” – Boston’s Subway – to the Fenway park location.  I loved the burger! 

The bun was so light and fluffy!  Great taste!  Two thumbs up!  And no, we didn’t see any of the Wahlbergs.  Darn.

After that it was time to walk it off starting with a walk around the corner past Fenway Park..

Then back on the “T”…

And then onto the Freedom Trail, a 2.5 mile walking path past historical sites that relate to the history of the United States.  Just follow the red brick line around Boston!

The old city hall

Paul Revere’s House

Granary Burying Grounds where Ben Franklin, Sam Adams, Paul Revere and others were buried

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

the Irish famine memorial and the Boston massacre memorial (did you know only five people were killed in the “massacre”?!) are some of the sites along the route.  

The Freedom Trail winds through the North End which is an authentic Italian area where you can find fantastic restaurants and cannoli shops like Mike’s Pastry, where I sampled a delicious espresso cannoli! 

All in all we both really enjoyed Boston!  It was clean and felt safe and it was so easy to get around either by foot or subway.  I think that was the best part.  It was smaller with lots to see and do.  Yes there were homeless people begging for money and rats in the park but it didn’t dampen our thoughts on this vibrant city!  We’d love to go back!