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Hof to Hvergardi day 6

I’m shocked.  It’s NOT raining!  In fact, the sun is beginning to rise! It’s time to begin our journey northwards, back to the airport.  Today is our long drive day – almost 200 miles.   Our first stop was going… Continue Reading →

Hveragrdi to Keflavik day 7

Guess what?  It’s raining!   Breakfast was wonderful once again! Salmon, fresh fruit salad, skyr, granola, waffles, etc etc and even green juice – apple, spinach, mango and ginger, according to  the waiter – served in the cutest little containers…. Continue Reading →

Iceland day 5 – rained out

Today started with torrential rain and wind, which was blowing so hard that the rain looked like it was coming down sideways.  Another wonderful November day in Iceland.  Note to anyone wanting to visit…. Do not come in November, unless… Continue Reading →

Skogafoss to Hof – Day 4

More tasty, juicy fruit at breakfast today and some grilled pomme!  I’m liking these hotel breakfasts here in Iceland!   Our first stop was checking out the waterfall outside our hotel window – Skogafoss, before the tour buses and crowds… Continue Reading →

Fludir to Skogafoss – day 3

​There are a lot of greenhouses in the Fludir area.  Iceland grows some of its food that way so they don’t have to import everything.  I’m not sure if they grow fruit, but the watermelon and honeydew at breakfast were… Continue Reading →

Iceland Pingvillir et al

​We had our mixed berry Skyr and oatmeal for breakfast.  The Skyr is good!  It’s sweeter and not as sour as our yogurt.  I like it! We hit a few photo sites in Reykjavik this morning now that it was… Continue Reading →

Reykjavik, Iceland – day 1

Our 3 hour British Airways flight from London arrived to a very windy, rainy, foggy, and cold November day in Iceland.  My first impression was that we landed in Iowa or Kansas in winter!  Yuk!  In and out of airport… Continue Reading →

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