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Giving up a career

2/3/18  Wow.  I quit my nursing job with no notice.  I’ve never done that before.     I’ve been done for 5 days now and have had a little time to think.   I went into nursing for the money… Continue Reading →

My Perspective after our first workamping job…

I was working the booth at Pactola Lake Campground this past Labor Day weekend. It was a warm Saturday afternoon.  It was slow and I was bored. I cracked a pine needle and sniffed its wonderful smell.  My first thoughts… Continue Reading →

What’s next?

We’ve been homeless and unemployed for a week now.  We sold our business (our jobs) which was also our home.   We’re pretty happy about it. “What’s next?” is the question we’ve been asked most.  “Why?” is another question we’re… Continue Reading →

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