We were hoping to leave home by 10am and be on the road.  We didn’t manage to be ready until 11:30am.  A quick stop for gas and our traditional “leaving town” latte and we were on our way.  

Our goal was 300 miles and it took us all of 7 hours pulling the fifth wheel.  We averaged 10.5 miles per gallon and stopped once more for gas and once for lunch.  At lunch we brought the cats in hoping they would use the potty.  Instead, they both just went in and sat in it.  

Nick stopped over and brought Indian food.  I got my chicken tikka masala that I never found in London and some sweet naan bread amongst other goodies.  We have lots of leftovers.  It was yummy.  Nick brought over a usb strip light that he plugged into his laptop and that’s what we used for lighting.  I have to get one of those!  Very handy!  

Maya ate some food, Kirby did not.  He did, however, go exploring and wound up hunkered down in the litter box again. Jerry fished him out.  Maya ended up on my lap snuggling happily for a while.

After Nick left, we basically decided to turn in for the night.  We closed up the slide in the living room in case our batteries died during the night and crawled into our very cold bed. 

About 1 am I felt a cat on the bed.  Looks like Mr. Kirby might be warming up to this whole camping thing.  He finally ate some food too.  I’m not sure if either of them drank any water though.

We didn’t sleep very well, just on and off all night.  Around 5:20 am we decided to just get up and go.  No electricity meant no coffee, no shower, no nothing!  Did I mention it was cold!  

I had to pry the “kids” out from under the kitchen table.  It’s been 24 hours and neither of them have pottied yet.  I read that cats can hold it for 24-48 hours while travelling.  I put them in the potty before we took off,  but they just sat there again. Back to the cages they went.  One of them puked on my fleece jacket.  Just watery, but still….  At least I brought another jacket with!   Getting cats acclimated to camping is going to be a challenge!

First stop – Dunkin Donuts for coffee and we’re off on our way for day 2.