​There are a lot of greenhouses in the Fludir area.  Iceland grows some of its food that way so they don’t have to import everything.  I’m not sure if they grow fruit, but the watermelon and honeydew at breakfast were very sweet and juicy and tasted very fresh! The breakfast itself was quite a spread!  They even had essential oils to put in your water with instructions on how to do so! 

I tried the “will and purpose” one.  

I had my phone with me and I asked Jerry if he wanted to know who our next president was going to be.  It was only 2 am back home and there wasn’t anything on Facebook yet, so I googled it.  Boy was I shocked!  I told Jerry he wouldn’t believe it…TRUMP!  we sat there in amazement!  

We then collected ourselves and our belongings and hit the road…. again in the rain.  This IS getting annoying!  

We took there long way out of Fludir so we could hit a proper grocery store. 

Along the way we stopped at Kerid crater.  A small entry fee paid and we were free to walk around the edge of the crater.  The rain had let up but it was windy and cold!!  

At the store, we bought a few items including some snacks for the road.

We were beginning to see many sheep and horses in this farm region of Iceland.  

Next up were several waterfalls on the list to see.  The rains had started again and were coming down pretty heavily by the time we got to the first falls.  We had a quick look from the car and moved on to the next one, which happened to be right next to our next hotel.  In fact, you could see the falls from our window at the Skogafoss Hotel.

We had no fridge at this hotel so Jerry tucked my skyr in the grass outside our window.  Worked like a charm.

We got checked in and the rains had let up so we went back to the first two waterfalls we bypassed.

Seljalandfoss, which you can walk behind and photograph if you don’t mind getting wet from the spray,

and Gljufrabui, just a quarter mile down the road.

The area is very pretty with mountains, rocks, waterfalls, animals and some old turf houses tucked into the rocks.

We finished the day with dinner at the hotel.  Burgers and fries – excellent, but my burger was so juicy that I had to eat it with a fork!  

Oh and more MASH on tv.