I love checking out State Parks, National Parks, National Forests etc.  Hiking, biking, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, geocaching, photography, wildlife viewing…they have it all!  I grew up in Illinois and their state parks were always free to visit.  When I moved to Michigan I was surprised to find out they charged a fee to get into each park.  Over the years, I’ve noticed that free entrance to state parks is not the norm.  So I did some research to find out just where can you go to get into state parks for free.  Here’s my findings as of October 2017. 

Silver Springs State Park, Illinois

Silver Springs State Park, Illinois


Alabama – most parks are free

Arkansas – some park are free





North Carolina – some parks are free




West Virginia – some parks are free

Silver Springs State Park, Ocala, FL

The National Parks also have about 10 free days per year.  For 2018, they are currently not listed.  The remaining free days for 2017 are November 11 and 12 (veterans day weekend). 

Now get outside and enjoy some free air, activity and beauty!