I’m shocked.  It’s NOT raining!  In fact, the sun is beginning to rise!

It’s time to begin our journey northwards, back to the airport.  Today is our long drive day – almost 200 miles.  

Our first stop was going to be a waterfall that we were supposed to see yesterday.  We got to the national park and I found out it was a 90 minute hike each way to the falls.  With no time to spare, we opted to forego that.  We took a potty break and moved on.  

I did take a few shots of the massive Vatnajokull glacier while in the area.

We ducked off down a side road into a little town to see a waterfall I had seen from the main road.  I’m telling you, there are waterfalls everywhere!  You can’t drive five minutes without seeing at least one.

Jerry saw this little shed with windows that looked like a face.

Back on the main road, we headed to road 206 where there’s a canyon that some have dubbed “the most beautiful canyon in the world”.  The only issue is that I wasn’t certain we could get to it.  Because we have a 2WD car, we are forbidden by law (and the rental car company) to drive on F roads.  They are considered off road driving.  All the information I could find was conflicting as to whether the canyon was on 206 or F206.  We decided to give it a go.  

Luck was on our side.  The parking area is just passed F206 but you don’t have to go onto F206 to get there.  In fact, F206 was closed for the winter, even though the only snow you see is up on the high mountains. 

So you be the judge.  Is it the most beautiful canyon in the world?

I’m going to say it’s a real contender!  This is Fjadrargljufur.  Don’t ask me to pronounce that.  The hike up to the top (all five minutes) was so worth it!  My lungs are getting a work out with  all this uphill hiking. 

We continued north through the green lava fields of Eldhraun (I just love saying that!) and into more rain!  

We made our way back to Skogafoss with the intention of stopping at this fish and chips for truck for lunch.  

Trip advisor rated it highly. We thought it was greasy and bland.  The chips were good!  

$16 for that.  It filled the hole though. 

Our final stop was the Frost and Fire hotel in Hveragrdi.  It’s a cute little place right on the river and near hot springs areas.

Jerry had napping on his mind.  I took a walk around the property and up a little trail.

I found a couple kitties playing in the trees!

I let Jerry nap and until around 6:30 pm.  I finally convinced him to get up and get in the hot tub.  

They provide you with a robe and sandals to wear over your swim suit.  The tub was just around the corner from our room so we didn’t have to walk too far in the 30 degree weather to get there.  

It was wonderful!  If only the sky had cleared and the northern lights danced, it would’ve been perfect!

Jerry wasn’t brave enough to try the swimming pool, but I did!  It wasn’t nearly as warm as the hot tub, but still a wonderful experience!

Back in the room, dryed off, and feeling relaxed we were feeling a bit hungry.  It was 8pm and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet.  We had lunch meat and bread to make sandwiches.  Jerry suggested going to the store to pick up something to go with it.  There’s a big grocery store, Bonus, at the end of the road.  Saturday night and the whole town is rolled up – closed, except for the ice cream shop.  Ice cream it is! 

It’s what’s for dinner when you’re on vacation, some days!  

Back to the room we finish off the night watching MASH.