I’m just finishing up my minimum spends on my last 2 credit cards that I applied for in March under my husbands name when my twitter feed blew up today with a new offer of 100k Membership Rewards points for the American Express Platinum card.  This offer is bound to disappear fast.  Minimum spend is $3000 in 3 months and there is a hefty $450 annual fee BUT you get an airline credit of $200 per calendar year meaning that if you get the card now, you have $200 to spend in 2016 and $200 in 2017.  You could cancel the card next year and still have gotten good value out of the annual fee.  That is if you plan to fly anyways (and I do!).  Word is that you can use that credit to buy airline gift certs for some airlines, like Delta, to use at a later date.  I’m going to try that and see if it works.  YMMV (Your mileage may vary…no guarantees).  There are other perks that come with this card too, like lounge access, Hilton gold status and free Global Entry/TSA precheck if you don’t already have that.  Last year I picked up the Citi Prestige and got the Global Entry/TSA precheck so I don’t  need that.  I’m not a Hilton girl, but I might have to check it out.  Lounge access I’ll take as well as a nice boost to my very small membership rewards stash.  You can only get the bonus if you’ve never had this card before, so make sure of that before applying.

Happy dance in progress!

So why not apply for some more cards today…hmmm…I’ve been wanting to pick up the Chase Hyatt for the 2 free night certs to use within the first year.  I really want to use them in Kauai at the Grand Hyatt, but I haven’t planned that trip so I keep holding off.  However, Chase has come up with a new rule that if you’ve received more than 5 credit cards in the last 2 years “no cards for you!”  So I dove into this one.  I have most of the other Chase cards I want currently, and I’m already over the 5/24 rule so we’ll see how it turns out.  I filled out the online application for both myself and my husband and got the dreaded “APPLICATION PENDING REVIEW” screen.  I called Chase and talked to a very nice rep who had me believing that things were going my way (she was moving some of my credit from another Chase card I hold)….and then she got the “PENDING VERIFICATION” screen.  So now I have to make phone calls tomorrow to the verificaiton department.  Bummed that Chase is going to be my new nemesis, when I truly have loved all my other cards and benefits with them.  We were bff’s!  Now it’s turning into that love/hate thing!

Northern lights

Northern Lights

Since I’m riding this high of earning miles and points today I decided I need to spend a few too.  Actually I did this before I even found out about the 100K Amex offer.  Virgin Atlantic is having an award fare sale which ends May 11.  It’s May 9.  I’ve been planning and stalking my next trip for the past week so today I pulled the trigger.  One way fare to London from Boston for 12,500 miles in economy!  United and American charge 30,000!  Steal!  I still have to get to Boston (Avios) and arrange other flights from London to Iceland and then home from there.  I’m planning on using a budget carrier to get from London to Iceland, currently priced at $69 each one way.  Then I’m hoping to snag a $99 WOW airline fare from Iceland back to Boston and use those Avios to get home to Chicago from there.  I’ve already got a tentative itinerary planned out which will include Salem, Ma on Halloween (a little witch fun for me!), then some London sights with maybe a trip up to the Robinson Brewery where my favorite band, Iron Maiden, brews their Trooper beer in Manchester,  and then off to a fantastic time in Iceland seeing the sights, putting my camera in overdrive and hopefully catching the northern lights!  I’m so excited to get my backpack ready again!

Some days just plan out better than you thought!

UPDATE:  After calling the ‘Verification line’ this morning with Chase we were both approved for the Chase Hyatt cards.  That means 4 free nights to use at any Hyatt worldwide in the next year plus we’ll have a total of 10K Hyatt points (enough for a 2 nights stay) for adding authorized users to the cards and we’ll get a free night each year at a category 1-4 Hyatt.

So far the 5/24 rule is not applying to the Chase Hyatt cards as of yet.