Guess what?  It’s raining!  

Breakfast was wonderful once again!

Salmon, fresh fruit salad, skyr, granola, waffles, etc etc and even green juice – apple, spinach, mango and ginger, according to  the waiter – served in the cutest little containers.  They’d be perfect for my candles!

They even have home made rye bread that is steam baked in the ground!

We talked to a Romanian girl who was working at the hotel.  She’s only been in Iceland 3 days.  They provide her with a room and pay for a years worth of service.  Interesting.  

After our breakfast settled we headed to the hot tub, in the rain, for one last visit.  

While we were in the tub, Jerry noticed Mr. Kitty that I saw yesterday on my walk.  We got out of the tub and went into the steam room to dry off bit.  

Mr. Kitty followed us in.  

In fact he followed us to our room. We let him in.  

The fugitive made himself at home.

I felt really bad making him leave, back out into the rain, but we had to check out.  The lady at the desk said he goes into the guest rooms all the time.  I felt better then.  

We left out into the pouring rain once again.  After getting gas, we headed to the Reykjanes peninsula, where the airport is.  We weren’t done sight seeing yet.  

We saw these signs on our whole trip.  They told you what the temperature was and the wind speeds.  Very useful!

We stopped in a Harbor town  where a camper had just come off a ferry.

The southern part of the peninsula is quite desolate.  The picture below is an idea of how high the roads are built up and the nonexistent shoulders.

This one actually had a small shoulder.  The landscape went from green moss covered rock to black lava fields.  

We stopped to view a small lake that was a beautiful blue color.

Then a very sulphuric smelling hot springs area just down the road.

We continued on Rt 425 over a mountain pass where the beautiful views of the ferocious north Atlantic ocean came into view.

We passed a gigantic geothermal power plant.

And our last stop was to see the bridge over two continents.  We only had time for a picture here.  

Next stop was the rental car return where we said goodbye to our little Kia Rio.  Then off to Keflavik airport, where we are now waiting to board our flight to Chicago on Icelandair.

Even through the rain and wind and the cough, cold, and soar throat, I have thoroughly enjoyed our trip to South Iceland!  We have seen the beautiful art that mother nature created  here.  I hope to come back one day (not in November) and explore the North part of the country.