Today started with torrential rain and wind, which was blowing so hard that the rain looked like it was coming down sideways.  Another wonderful November day in Iceland.  Note to anyone wanting to visit…. Do not come in November, unless you really enjoy rain.  According to the desk staff at our hotel, it is normal to have lots of rain in November. There was so much rain that I think the waterfall count increased two fold!  

Since the day was a wash out, literally, we first did some laundry in the sink and bummed around a while in the room until boredom set in and we had to get out and do something.  

Our hotel is brand new this year and quite fancy.  

We only wish they had put in a pool or hot tub here.  With all the geothermal energy and water in Iceland, I’m surprised they didn’t! If you can’t be outside enjoying nature there is absolutely nothing else to do within 90 minutes either direction!  There is only one channel on tv in English.  It’s the DW channel – Deutsche Welle, a German news channel that seems to just repeat the same news stories over and over.  There’s an Arabic channel, a few Icelandic shopping channels (QVC type), an Astral channel showing people doing tarot readings and a few other channels – all in other languages.  No MASH here.
We decided to head to the nearest grocery store, an hour away.  I was worried that our little Kia Rio was going to be blown off the road, but I didn’t see any sheep flying by so I assumed they were still standing and we would be fine.  

We passed by Jokulsaron Lagoon again and stopped for another look.  People are still out bracing the elements to see the magic of Iceland!  

I took a few pictures and just as we were getting ready to leave, a seal popped up from the water.  That made the whole rainy day worth coming out in just to see that!  

We watched him for only a minute and then he was gone!  So cool to see some of the very limited wildlife here in Iceland.  There are only 28 species of mammals in Iceland.  There are no dangerous wild animals.  The most dangerous creatures are humans!  There are no snakes, mosquitos or even ants!  Occasionally a polar bear will float over from Greenland on an iceberg.  Not sure if he stays or not.  

Just west of Jokulsaron we came across a mountainside littered with waterfalls!  It would’ve made a beautiful Panoramic shot if it wasn’t raining so much!  I’ve never seen anything like it!!  

Just after that was a small group of Icelandic horses grazing right next to the sea!  Again, would’ve been a beautiful picture!  

Thankfully the roads are built up a good 10 feet or more from the ground or we’d need a boat to get around!  

The sheep don’t seem to mind the weather.  There are tons of them everywhere.  Fun fact:  there are twice as many sheep as people in Iceland.   There might be more waterfalls than people as well!
Lesson for the day – if you see a bathroom, use it – they are far and few between.  

We finally made it to the hopping town of Hofn, on the far south coast of Iceland, and stopped at a Netto store for some groceries.  We decided to eat in tonight rather than pay the exorbitant prices at the hotel restaurant.  $16.89 bought us lunch meat, bread, Doritos, popcorn, cookies and two Cokes.  This is lunch and dinner today so not bad!  Stopped at the N1 gas station to use the bathroom and pick up some hot drinks.   

Back on the road,  we began the long drive back to the hotel.  It’s still pouring rain!  I’m so very happy I bought rain pants and a rain coat for this trip!  Have I mentioned that already?! 

On the way back we pass a field or horses all facing the same direction.  I’m assuming they have their butt ends to the wind and rain for a little protection.  There are lakes growing in the ditches along the roadways.  We see white long necked swans hunkered down in them.  Would’ve been a nice pic! 

We stopped back at the lagoon.  No seals, but the water had risen, what looks like a good foot or two, and the current had pushed all the icebergs back into the bay.  There’s a thick fog now making it almost impossible to see much at all. 

And it’s still raining.
Back at the hotel we find out that they have a lobster soup on the bar menu and you can get that until 6pm.  Dinner plans change and we decide to share a bowl of soup and wonderfully warm tasty bread with melt in your mouth, creamy butter.  

It was a struggle to stay up till 9pm as there was nothing to do after dinner.  We should’ve brought a deck of cards.  

Winds still howling, off to bed we go.  I only hope tomorrow is a better weather day!