​We had our mixed berry Skyr and oatmeal for breakfast.  The Skyr is good!  It’s sweeter and not as sour as our yogurt.  I like it!

We hit a few photo sites in Reykjavik this morning now that it was light enough out, starting at the Pearl.  There’s a restaurant on the top floor and there was an album convention/sale going on in the downstairs area.  There’s a viewing platform you can walk around outside the top floor.  It was very windy and cold though, but I got one picture.  

And a snap of the sculpture out front.

The sun does not rise until about 9:20 am and it sets around 4:30pm at this time of year.  It seems to rise and set in the West and it never gets very high in the sky.   Very strange!

Next stop was Hallgrimskirkja, the most photographed church in Iceland, and you can see why.  It’s stunning.  Don’t ask me how to pronounce any of these words!  People here speak English which is a big plus!

This is a very unique and striking looking building.  You can pay to go up to the top of the tower but we were on a time crunch so we just viewed it from the outside.

Down the street we stopped to see the neighborhood Trolls.

Then on to the Sun Voyageur sculpture along the waterfront.  It is meant to resemble a Viking ship.

So long Reykjavik!  Time to head into the hills!

Our goal for today was to see the sights in Pingvillir National Park including waterfalls and the continental rift.  

We first stopped at the visitor center to put on rain clothes and use the bathrooms.  There is a charge to use the bathrooms.  Insert credit card, get ticket, deposit into turnstile to be let into the bathroom.  There is a person sitting there to make sure you pay!  It was $3.64 for 2 tickets.  

We did a bit of hiking in the rain.

We saw Oxarafoss waterfall.

 And some crazy people getting into the water to scuba dive at Silfra. 

Silfra is the area where you can dive or snorkel between two continental plates.  You can reach out and touch the Eurasian and North American continental plates with your arms out stretched.  We weren’t so ambitious to do this.  I got a kick out of the signs though…in Iceland!

Drizzling rain was happening on and off and it was quite cold! 

Next up we went to the Geysir area.  

This is where the name geyser originated from.  It no longer erupts, but it’s neighbor -Strokkur, a few hundred feet away does every few minutes.  It was fun to watch. 

There’s steam vents all through this area and you can see the steam rising as your driving up the road.  

Our last stop before the hotel was the massive waterfall, Gullfoss.  It’s truly breathtaking!  

There was a tour bus that went off the road right outside of Gulfoss.  It didn’t look too traumatic, just a little slip off the road.  I can’t imagine what those people were thinking as it happened though!

There aren’t any shoulders on the roads and the roads are built up a good 10+ feet of the ground in some areas so it’s a long ways down if you slip a tire off the road!  

We made our way to Fludir where we checked into the Icelandair hotel there.

It’s a very small town and options for dinner were hotel food, groceries from the gas station or an Ethiopian restaurant.  Go figure.  We had the Ethiopian.  I had a chicken dish and Jerry had a lamb dish.  I liked it.  You eat with your hands – no silverware all!  

Not much on tv on Iceland, but we found some old MASH reruns which are always good.  Too cloudy to see any northern lights tonight.