Sunday morning we met Anthony and Dawn for breakfast at  Moose Coffee.  We were told there would be an hour wait!  We were half hour early and the wait was only 20 minutes which was good.  We were seated upstairs and had an OK breakfast.  I got French toast and it had too much vanilla in it. 

Jerry wasn’t too fond of his eggs and potatoes either.  Oh well.  We had a nice chat over breakfast and then Anthony dropped us off at the train station where we said our goodbyes to him and Dawn.  We boarded the train this time without running to it!  

We had a two hour ride back to London.  We switched to the tube from Euston station and took it all the way back towards the airport. 

We debated getting off at the Gloucester stop as I was pretty sure I had left my travel converter plug at the Radisson there.  I had emailed the hotel but I hadn’t heard back.  (I should’ve stopped as I heard back from them after we had already left the country….and they did have it!) 

We were tired and with the lugging the luggage  we decided to just go on to our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow.  We had a five minute walk from the tube to the hotel and shortly after we arrived it really began raining!  
The hotel is right near a runway so we had really nice views of planes landing.  

Surprisingly you didn’t hear the planes at all.  The windows each had a second pane of glass on the inside of the window sill so it was like having two windows.  

The evening was spent doing laundry in machines that actually worked and eating overpriced Caesar salad in the hotel restaurant. 

We awoke in the morning, had breakfast in the dining room, and went to get tickets for the Hoppa bus back to the airport.  The ticket machine was out of order and the ATM machine didn’t work, but thankfully the girl behind the desk had tickets for the bus.  I put mine in my pocket and then couldn’t find it when the bus pulled up.  We missed the bus as I searched for the ticket.  I have too many pockets!!  I did finally find it and we made the next bus.  I wasn’t feeling particularly good today.  Ever since my sprint to the train a few days ago, I’ve noticed a cough and today I just felt”heady”.  

Again we got through security at Heathrow in great time and headed to the Aspire Lounge to relax before our flight.  On the way Jerry spotted a cigar shop and I found a place to buy a new converter plug.  We also each bought a “Mind the Gap” shirt.  We heard that reiterated so many times at each subway stop that you just can’t get it out of your head!  
I’ve totally enjoyed my time in England.  It was way too short and I hope to come back someday and see more!!

Goodbye England, till next time!