Our second morning in Liverpool got off to a frantic start.  We attempted to get breakfast at Moose Coffee, a short walk from our hotel.  We thought it would be like Paul, where we’d grab a quick bite and be ready for our 10 am pick up.  It was a sit down and order type of place and we ended up getting it to go because it was taking so long.  We ate in Anthony’s car on our journey to Wales.  We passed the original Lambanana along the way.  There are many of these statues throughout Liverpool, all painted differently.  

Our first stop was Conwy Castle.  I did not forget the “A”.  They did.

It is on the coast of northern Wales and was built between 1283 and 1289 by Edward I as part of the walled city of Conwy.  You can still see the wall surrounding the town from the top of the castle turrets.  

The castle is in great shape, still exhibiting some stained glass windows in the chapel area.

We fought the wind and cold but had a great time exploring the castle with Anthony and Dawn.

Even the pigeons were being windblown!

We then ventured into the little town of Conwy to see the smallest house in Great Britain.  It was closed but we took”snaps” and moved on. 

Wales is a beautiful area!

We headed to get some lunch in the seaside resort town of Llandudno.  Victorian hotels, cafes and shops line the coast in this area.  There’s even palm trees!

We had lunch at a little place called The Habit tea room where we each had baguettes except Jerry.  He had a curry dish.  

I noticed several Alice in Wonderland statues in town.  This area is where Alice Liddell, the basis for the character Alice in the book, spent her childhood summers in the 1860-1870’s.  

Bellies full, we headed to our secund castle of the day – Bodelwyddan built in 1460 and restored since.   

We didn’t go into the castle, but again – took a few “snaps.”  

There are even flowers still blooming in November! 

Anthony gave us a presentation of his sheep herding skills, which are quite good.  He got them all to look up for a picture and then got them to all run away at the same time.  It was comical!

Once back in Liverpool, we stopped off at a rehearsal studio and watched some friends of Anthony’s, band practice.  They are a Pearl Jam cover band called Pearl Jam UK. 

They were very good!  A few songs later and we packed up and began our stroll to the riverfront.

Today was Guy Fawkes night or “Bonfire night” and there was a big celebration!  

Guy Fawkes was arrested for guarding explosives that were to be used to blow up The House of Lords during King James I reign.  The plot was foiled and the king saved so they celebrate this annually on November 5.  Liverpool saw thousands of people line the streets and dock areas along the Mersey river.  A drum band started off the celebration with fireworks to follow.

Fireworks continued around town for hours!  It was fun to be part of such a celebration…. like 4th of July on November!  

Anthony and Dawn took off early to avoid the traffic getting out of town and we walked back to our hotel thinking we would do laundry and have dinner there.  There was over an hour wait for a table.  We split my left over half baguette from lunch and we got a drink and a delicious bag of popcorn from the lobby.  And then another bag.  

Laundry was a joke.  An hour and a half into our wash, in the world’s smallest washer, our five peices of clothes still weren’t done.  There was also water all over the floor.  Three hours later and our clothes were still wet.  It was 11pm and we wanted to get to bed so Jerry went and pulled them out of the dryer and we hung then to dry in our room. 

I really enjoyed our day.  Anthony planned a wonderful day full of great things to see and do and was a great tour guide.   It was very special getting to spend a few days with my dear friend, Dawn, whom I don’t see nearly enough – and especially to do it in another country!