​We are in no hurry to get going in the mornings, setting off around 10:30 today.  We first headed to the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.  

It was a beautiful 60 degree sunny fall day in London!  

I cannot believe the amount of people that are here visiting!  I thought that coming in November it would be off season with less people.  I’m told that London doesn’t have an off season.  

We choose to go up the Tower Bridge to see the beautiful views of London from above and we were not disappointed.  

There is a glass floor in part of it which is pretty wild as you’re looking down at the Thames river below. 

We took the Queen’s Walk footpath to the Boroughs Market where we were wowed by all the foodstalls!!  So many decisions!  

We settled on a potato and onion bourek and homemade hummus.  Both were excellent!  

“Filter” coffee at Monmouth, 

and strolled the area taking some photos of the Shard and the market.

How often do you see 2 guys pushing a cart of cheese down the road?!

After the market, we boarded a Thames River Clipper for a short ride up the Thames where we got off at Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. 

Photos of the London eye

As we  walked passed Parliament, the gate opened and a man on a bike came out.  I swear it was Prince Harry!  Reddish hair, beard, wearing bicycling clothes, helmet, and sunglasses.  We had to stop as he passed inches from us!  

We have noticed that there are not many trash cans around.  Jerry asked a guard at the Parliament about that and he was told it’s because of terrorist.  Trash cans are perfect places to hide bombs.  

We didn’t go into any of the buildings today other than the Tower Bridge.  The entrance fees are high at $30+ per person.  The buildings are beautiful outside as well so I’m fine with that.  It would take months to tour them all anyways.  They are massive!  

We wound our way through Westminster and up through the Horse Guards Palace and 10 Downing Street.  We made our way up to Leicester Square where purchased theatre tickets for the following night.  There are so many beautiful buildings and statues everywhere.  It truly is a beautiful city!  

We stumbled upon London’s Chinatown where we found a film crew all set up.  I thought “Hey, maybe Anthony Bourdain is here filming!  But he wasn’t.  They were filming a British tv series called “Lucky Man”.  Still pretty cool to see.

We finished our evening by doing a Jack the Ripper walking tour at 8pm.  It was awesome!  We learned all about the history, the victims, who the suspects are and were taken to various places where the murders occurred.  In all, five women were killed (all prostitutes) and the murders have never been solved.  It’s one of the oldest open unsolved mysteries in England!

Our guide Rob was an excellent story teller!  We got to see some street art in Whitechapel, the area of the murders, 

and some modern day marketing in place.

It was an excellent day today.  We both enjoyed our tour of London today!