​Today wasn’t the best vacation day.  We slept in until past 9am.  I sprung out of bed and said “We’ve got to get going!”, which didn’t spark any enthusiasm from my other half. He wanted to sleep in and just lounge about.  We left the hotel after 11 am and headed for the Spitalfield Market for brunch first.  Upon arriving at the very large Euston station, we found a military band playing.  Pretty sure they were playing the song “Car Wash” from the 70’s!  Funny!

The market sold a lot of antiques and other wears….a very eclectic mix.  They also had several food trucks and food stalls.  

There was an Indian stall handing out free samples of naan (sweet bread).  I kept waking by them for a free sample.  It was so sweet and good!!  Jerry opted for a Turkish wrap which was huge.  

I had a few bites but I didn’t particularly care for the flavors.  Jerry ended up with an upset stomach later on, not sure if it was the wrap or something else.  We liked the Boroughs Market better.  

Next, we headed to the British museum.  

The museum is very large and it was very very hot in there.  We spent about an hour and a half browsing the Egyptian, Roman, and Asian areas.  Again, I find I just can’t do museums for much longer than an hour.  I lose interest.  It’s overwhelming. 

 Plus it was so damn not in there, I just had to get out!

Next up we headed to Covent Garden to find a colorful area I wanted to photograph.  Along the way, I spotted a Bubble Tea shop.  I had wanted to try one in Boston, but never got around to it.  I went in and just ordered a “best seller” as I didn’t really understand it all. All I know is that it’s an Asian thing.  The “bubbles” are gummy-like tapioca pearls.  I got a “Bubble Gaga” which was passionfruit tea, coconut gummy things, and the bubbles.  Looks weird but it was delicious!  You get to drink and eat at the same time!  

I never found the area I wanted to photograph.  Jerry’s foot was bothering him and he was tired of walking around, so we headed back to the hotel, both of us a little crabby.
We weren’t there long when I told him to get up and I took him to a cigar shop.  That always perks him up!  

We found one fairly close by with a friendly pooch inside.  

The owner of the shop was quite chatty and we had a good conversation.  EVERYONE in England has asked us about the election!  They are all curious to see what Americans think of the predicament we’ve gotten ourselves into.  Cigar man was no different, however, he brought up a very interesting point that neither Jerry or I had considered.  He thought that Michelle Obama should’ve run instead of Hilary.  She’s untarnished, she’s smart, she’s a woman, she’s black, and the people love her.  He thinks it would’ve been a no brainer and Trump wouldn’t stand a chance!

Cigars in hand, we headed to Victoria station.  

We made a quick trip up to Buckingham Palace (you can’t go to London and not the Palace!).  I thought it would be more ornate. 

We ate dinner at a Pret a Manger, which is a soup, salad, sandwich shop that sells prepackaged food.  I got a chicken Caesar sub which was delicious.  We scarfed it down.  
We finished the evening with London theatre, seeing the musical “Wicked”.  This is the first time that we’ve been to a musical together.  I wasn’t sure if Jerry would enjoy it, but he did.  I won’t give it away, but the story is a twist on the biographies of the two witches, Glinda and the wicked witch, in the story the Wizard of Oz.  It was a great story with a great ending and just made you go “Hmmm, I never considered any of that!” Brilliant!  The girl that played the wicked witch had a great voice!!  So much talent!!  It was a great way to end what started off to be not such a great vacation day!