What a day!  We got up, checked out, went to Paul for one last grilled pomme and coffee and headed to the busy Euston station to catch our Virgin Train to Liverpool.  We arrived a good 30 minutes early and went to sit for a while.  They don’t assign train platforms until 15 minutes prior to departure and then everyone gets in line.  So that’s what we did.  I had an email that said “This is all you need” with my confirmation number for the train.  I failed to read the small print that continued “take this number to the machine at the station to print out your tickets.”  So we got to the front of the line and the woman said “You have to go back to the front of the station and print your tickets.”. I was not the only one this happened to.  So I ran.  I got to the machine and couldn’t get it to work.  Went to another machine…. same thing.  I started to panic and found someone to help.  My tickets were processing and he said “Make sure you get all your tickets.” I ran back.  The lady said “These are your return tickets.  You didn’t get your departure tickets.”. OH MY GOD!  I ran back to the machine.  I mean I literally sprinted back to the machines and the little man said “I told you to make sure you had all your tickets!” At this point I didn’t need his sarcasm.  Missing this train would have cost me time and hundreds of dollars!  How was I to know that the stupid machine printed 9 tickets.  Nine!  For two round trips.  Grrrr!  I ran back.  I ran faster than I have run in ten years!  I gave the lady the tickets and ran.  Our car was the LAST car on the platform – car A.  Figures.  Meanwhile, Jerry is just strolling along.  The doors were ready to close so I jumped into car H.  We made it literally 30 seconds before the doors closed.  I could barely breathe, but we still needed to get to car A.  So we squished through the aisles with our luggage, banging into a few bags and people along the way.  At this point I didn’t care.  I was sure I was almost in a medical crisis!  I made it to the front of car D where I saw two empty seats and decided to just collapse there.  I was feeling like I was having an asthma attack…or maybe a heart attack, or maybe both….not sure.  I was also really hot.  I peeled off the clothes and drank my water.  I think it took a good 30 minutes to somewhat recover and stop coughing!  We had a 2 hour ride to Liverpool.  

We met my friend Dawn and her new boyfriend Anthony at the train station.  Anthony lives in Liverpool and generously offered to be out tour guide for our two days here.  

First stop was our hotel, the Aloft, to drop off our stuff and recombobulate ourselves.

We met them across the street at Thomas Rigby’s pub for a drink and more formal meetings and to here what the days’ plans were.

Jerry sampled an English beer and I had a glass of wine.  My first wine of the trip!

We ventured over the the Albert Docks alonng the river Mersey.
Then over to the Beatles Story, which is a self guided audio tour museum.  Lots of pictures , recreated sets, and authentic Beatles history.  Interesting.  

We also took a few snaps around town of the Beatles sculptures,

The Cavern Club (or pub in this instance.  The club is across the street.)

and Liverpool’s famous buildings like the Liver building.  

It’s another beautiful English city!  
We finished the day off with dinner at 34 Panoramic – 34 stories up!  It was a beautiful view (even with rain).

The most tender piece of beef I can remember ever having!

And great company!  

A walk back to our hotel in the rain finished off this very lovely English day that started off with a sprint!