Driving distance 334 miles

Driving time 6 hours

MPG 10.3

Stayed at Rend Lake state park campground, Illinois

We got an early start to the day and thus were picking out our camp spot by 1:00 pm.  We were both tired and crabby (go figure).  We have electricity today…but no water.  We had put a little water in the fresh water tanks but not enough for showers.  
I’m glad we stopped early today because I think the cats need time to get used to all this moving around. 

Jerry spent most of the afternoon outside, going for a walk, talking to the three other campers in the park and building a fire with wood that was left at the site by previous campers. 

I stayed in the camper just chilling and trying to get rid of a tension headache I’ve had since we left.  

We have a beautiful view right on the lake!  

We watched a few deer grazing in the grass.  Dinner was leftover Indian food heated up.  
After dinner I downloaded a few things from Netflix to my phone for offline viewing.  I thought I could transfer them to the laptop, but I couldn’t.  Macgyver Jerry figured a way we could both watch a movie on the tiny phone screen by duct taping the phone to the ceiling over our bed so it was only two feet from us where we could both see it!  It worked!  

In the meantime, the cats are warming up to this camping thing.  They ate and drank.  The litter box is being used (at least by Kirby so far).  I even got a little playtime in with Kirby thanks to some catnip.  He found a new place to hang out behind the couch.  Maya has claimed the new cat bed I bought.  Sigh of relief!

We slept better, although the wind was howling at 15mph!  The temperature got down to 22 degrees. We stayed warm enough although the camper is definately not made for winter camping. Polar package my ass!  
This morning we had a proper breakfast with homemade Costa Rican coffee, rounded up the kitties and were on the road shortly after 8 am. We attempted to register yesterday when we pulled in and today when we left and there was never anyone there, so we camped for free!  

Today’s goal: a full hook up site so we can take a shower!!