I live in a rural area.  Our town population is around 8000.  The closest bigger town is only 23000 people and over an hour away.  We are lucky to have a small airport literally two miles from where I live.  It has two Delta flights per day.  When I say small, I mean basically 1 big room that is subdivided.  

The same people that check you in at the desk also work the runway, putting you on the plane and directing the plane in and out.  It’s convenient and the parking is free!  

There are some inconveniences though.  They are small planes, usually CRJ-200’s that seats approximately 50 passengers.  They are so small that on several of our flights (today included) they have asked for volunteers to move to the back of the plane to balance out the weight distribution in the plane.  

The flight to Minneapolis is less than an hour.  If your sitting towards the back of the plane, you’re just being served your drink when the plane starts descending.  

The plane only goes to one  place, Minneapolis.  So you always have to connect there.  

It feels like they always arrive at the farthest gate from your connection.  If you’ve ever been to Minneapolis, it seems like one long building.  Really long.  I must say it’s a nice airport with lots of shopping and eating choices.  I hear they have a new Dunkin donuts now.  I didn’t get a chance to find it as it was a long walk from one terminal to the other and boarding had just started by the time we got to the gate for plane #2.  

Delta has great snacks, specifically the biscoff cookies!  They also serve Starbucks coffee, although I’m not a fan.  I do like the cranberry apple juice they serve!  I’ll have that and cookies please!  

Flight #2, a 757 to Atlanta, was packed.  We had great IFE’s (in flight entertainment) but we both forgot out earbuds.  I picked a window seat for myself and they moved me to a middle seat.  

Once in Atlanta we had about 90 minutes before our next flight and as luck would have it, we only had to traverse a few gates down!  We decided to go the opposite way to the Delta Sky Club lounge for some​ free food and drinks (free because we have the American Express Platinum card which gives you free lounge access).  It was a bit crowded but had a decent, although small, spread of food.  They had fried rice, chicken teriyaki, stir fry, jambalaya, lentil soup, cheeses, cookies, and a few other selections.  

We left home at 9:30 am and it was now 5:00pm and all we’ve eaten so far are pretzels and biscoff cookies, so the free dinner was much appreciated!

Off to the gate and onto our plane, a B717-200.  I’ve never heard of a 717.  It looks old.  

There’s no IFE.  The seats are hard. The plane isn’t full, and my trick of putting Jerry in the aisles seat and me in the window seat worked to our advantage this time and we have no one between us (who wants a might seat… ever).  We had the whole row to ourselves.  

Our last flight of the day seemed very long, although uneventful.  We were denied peanuts as they made an announcement that one of the passengers had a severe peanut allergy and so, NO PEANUTS allowed.  No big deal.  Biscoff cookies it is!   We landed in Montego Bay around 8pm.  The airport was quite empty so customs went quickly and we were only about 10 minutes from our hotel.  It was dark so I have no idea what the island looks like.  It’ll be a surprise in the morning! 

So far, the people are very friendly and relaxed.  We were given a rum punch on arrival to the Holiday Inn Resort and taken to our junior suite where we changed and collapsed.  

12 hours and 3 planes to get to the Caribbean.  That’s part of the trade off when flying out of a small airport.  Time for bed.