We took our fifth wheel to Tampa last week for the 2017 Tampa RV Supershow.  We’ve been to RV shows before but never with our camper.  It was a neat experience and I wanted to highlight my experience.

First off, the details:
If you just go to the show you pay $6 to park and $10 per person to get in.  Bring your camper and you pay $12 to park and $10 to get in PLUS $20 per night to camp with no hookups.  I think that’s a little pricey myself.  Either pay for parking or camping, but not both.  You don’t need reservations.  Just show up and they’ll direct you to a place to camp – just a parking spot either on pavement, dirt or grass.  After 6pm someone will come by and collect your camping fee (cash only) for the night.  The one nice thing is that your $10 entrance fee is good for two days.  

You can come back to your RV for meals and to rest.  The show is HUGE so it was nice to get that little rest period in.  

There is a tram to get you around inside the show and outside in the parking lot.

You don’t have to drive home!  

You can shop for two days for the price of one admission ticket.
If you have pets, you’re not far from them making it easy to care for them.  You can even bring them into the show, which many people did!

If you don’t want to cook, there’s food places inside the show.

Fun neighbors – ours had a birthday party complete with Mariachi band!

The price.  I think $32 a night to boondock is quite high.

It can be noisy and dusty.

No hookups.  If you don’t have a generator this means minimal electric – as in no working coffee pot in the morning and no air conditioning.  We don’t have a generator so we had to be creative with coffee ie:  heat water up on the propane stove and do a  “pour over”.  It was actually pretty decent.  There is coffee and lattes for sale at the show as well.

All in all, I’m glad we went with our camper.  I suppose if we were really serious about trading in our camper we could’ve had someone come out and give us a quote on our trade in too.  We’ve decided to head to Tampa later this week and stay at Lazy Days Rv Resort, which is owned by Lazy Day Rv Sales.  The park is right next to their sales lot which is absolutely huge!!!  They even give you breakfast and lunch coupons to use at the restaurant they have inside their sales lot.  I’m looking forward to seeing what that is all about!